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Cary Tagawa Online since 1997
Starring: Joong-Hoon Park, Michael Biehn, Dean Choe, Lorena Gale, Byron Mann, Don Stark, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
American Dragons (aka Double Edge) (1998)
Role: Matsuyama
Murders in Seoul, Korea and in America pair two cops (Michael Biehn, Joong Hung-Park) from each of the countries together to solve the crimes. The investigation leads to a gang war between tha Mafia and the Yakuza, but one that may not be of either of their making. (from IMDB)
Notes: This looked like an attemptat re-creating Showdown in Little Tokyo, at least with the good guys. Cary wasn't killing people right and left though, so he didn't die either! Wow! : ) Okay, re-reading that last sentence, that seems like the strangest thing to say about somebody.

I re-captured these images myself. They're a little better quality now.
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American Dragons

aka Double Edge
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