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Starring: Linda Purl, Ali MacGraw, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Natural Causes (1994)
Role: Major Somchai
Notes: This was an interesting little film that I caught on Lifetime TV one afternoon. Cary got to be the good guy for once! He plays a Thai Major who aids Jessie (Linda) in a quest to find out what happened to her murdered mother. Not only that, but there is a little romance between the two! Watch for the surprise at the end...
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Review by Amanda on December 11, 2006
I really liked this movie... Yes the story was weird but Cary played an awesome part. It seems as if he was able to act more like himself. I'm so use to seeing him as a villan. But yah I definetly thought he had an awesome part.
Cute love scene also. Very touching!

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