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Starring: Gary Graham, Maria Holvoe, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
The Last Warrior (1989)
Role: Imperial Marine
"When the final blow is struck, one man will be stripped of his dignity and life; the other will be The Last Warrior."
Notes: This was one of Cary's very early movies, and he did an excellent job in it! His role involved speaking entirely in Japanese, which he did effortlessly. Cary was allowed to show tremendous emotion and depth of character in this film, making it definitely not the typical action movie at all. He had some great lines here too.
"One on one, you are no match for us... it is only with your machines."
"You fight like a woman!"

The first time I saw this, at the scene where Gary and Cary first fight, I expected that to be the start of of the big 'showdown,' but Cary knocked the guy unconscious in under a minute... : )
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